• Our people are our business: at Nutricia caring is an instinct, not a job requirement. Working to the highest ethical standards, we put patients at the centre of all we do, knowing that we have the expertise and ability to deliver.

      Here are the stories of some of our people.

    • Marilia

      Marilia Campanaro

      Hi I'm Marilia Campanaro and I've been with Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition since February 2012, when I took up a position on the Regulatory Affairs team at the Brazilian office in Sao Paulo. Two years later I moved over to the Global Regulatory team (based in Amsterdam) which is where I work today! I find working within a global environment exciting as it gives me a great overview of the Regulatory framework worldwide.

      Day to day I work closely with project teams across therapeutic areas, participating in the construction of future regulatory frameworks. My most recent projects include initiatives on Critical Care, Faltering Growth and Allergy areas, the latter two being areas of specific interest to me because of the remarkable difference we can make to the lives of patients and their families, not just in the short term but for the rest of their lives.

      The culture here at Nutricia is great. The people I work with are totally dedicated to the products and services they offer and proud of the difference they make to peoples' lives. Being part of Danone - and in particular their commitment to leveraging health through nutrition - is truly inspiring.

    • Adam

      Adam Aleksiejuk

      Hi my name is Adam and I've been with the Nutricia team in Poland since February 2012. My previous experience was within the pharmaceutical industry, where I worked for 15 years in both global and regional roles.

      Before I started with Nutricia I had very little idea about the role of medical nutrition, nor the benefits it could have for patients. But it didn't take long for me to learn about and understand the real value that nutritional support could offer to sick people, the potential it has to improve their lives. It's this fact that really motivates me in my work!

      My role has been to pull together a strong medical team to work alongside key opinion leaders and medical societies in educating doctors, dietitians and nurses about the role of nutritional support across a range of therapeutic areas. Our aim is to provide evidence-based education on the role of medical nutrition, specifically how outcomes can be improved by making it an integral part of the care a patient receives.

      One of our key successes has been within the field of oncology. Working alongside onco-surgical societies, chemo surgeons and radiotherapists, we have developed common treatment guidelines that outline what therapies should be implemented and when, including recommendations on when to introduce nutritional support. This has helped healthcare professionals understand the key role nutrition can play in optimising their patients' treatment.

      I am proud of the progress we have made over the years but there is always more that can be done!

    • Paivi

      Päivi Pakarinen

      Hi my name is Päivi, and I've been the country manager of Nutricia in Finland for the last 12 years, but have been with the company for over 30 years! Over that time I've held many different positions, including marketing assistant as well as various product, marketing and sales management roles.

      Together with my team and in collaboration with healthcare professionals, our main achievement has been to build a strong medical nutrition business here in Finland; we have worked hard to establish a successful pharmacy channel as well as build strong relationships with the hospitals where our products are used.

      The Finnish team may be small but we are committed to going the extra mile for patients and the healthcare professionals who care for them. Earlier this year our whole team visited local homes for the elderly where we spent the day reading as well as singing and dancing with the residents! We are also proud to support district nurses, who visit patients in their own homes to help guide them through the process of tube feeding, as well as using medical nutrition.

      I love working at Nutricia, not only because their products and services have such a positive impact on many parts of society, particularly the elderly and frail, but also because of the opportunity I've had to work with some truly dedicated and inspirational people, many of whom will remain life-long friends.