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Multidisciplinary stakeholders gather for the second annual ONCA conference

A world with optimal nutritional care for all

Conceived by the European Nutrition for Health Alliance* (ENHA), the foundation of the ONCA campaign is to build and strengthen national multi-stakeholder alliances to facilitate greater screening for risk of disease-related malnutrition and to improve the care of patients on a national level.

The ONCA vision is a world with optimal nutritional care for all, where every patient who is malnourished or at risk of undernutrition is systematically screened and has access to appropriate, equitable, high quality nutritional care.

The first workshop, attended by key ONCA stakeholders, was held in July 2014 with the objective of creating a tool that could facilitate the mapping of the state of play of nutritional care in individual countries, allowing them to create a common understanding of status, identify areas of priority, benchmark themselves against others and also track the progress of their initiatives moving forward.

The conference was an overwhelming success, laying a solid foundation for ONCA moving forward

The first ONCA 'implementation' conference in November 2014 brought together eight countries in order to strengthen national stakeholder alliances and identify specified actions to drive appropriate nutritional care at national level. The conference was an overwhelming success, laying a solid foundation for ONCA moving forward.

Building on this and the success of the first ONCA conference, the November meeting saw five new countries joining the existing eight in order to share best practice, showcasing the progress all national alliances have made in improving nutritional care for all. Selected highlights included:

  • Nutritional screening policy and implementation in Turkey
  • News from Israel that their Ministry of Health is leading their local ONCA programme, giving the initiative the recognition it deserves
  • The launch in the UK of a new, validated self-screening tool for patients

Nutricia is proud to be an active partner in the ONCA campaign

There was also an opportunity to hear from international organisations (EPF/EGAN, JPI and WHO EURO) to see where countries could align with and leverage existing EU initiatives. A landmark output was the recognition by all countries of the importance of the patient voice in their activities, and thus the need to engage with patient groups to maximise the impact and sustainability of ONCA.

Priority next actions and KPIs were also agreed by the ONCA stakeholders, provided a strong basis moving into 2016 and beyond. Nutricia is proud to be an active partner in the ONCA campaign, both via the MNI and through national industry groups. To find out more about ONCA, visit

*ENHA: a multi‐stakeholder platform at European level that promotes implementation of nutrition risk screening across Europe, public awareness, partnership working, policy development and health education and training.