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New systematic reviews find Oral Nutritional Supplements save lives and cut the costs of healthcare

Nutritional supplements deliver a value we can't afford to ignore

Although medical nutrition comprises less than 5% of overall treatment-related costs⁴⁺⁵ , recent research has indicated that it can lead to much larger cost savings⁴⁺⁵.

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The newly published systematic reviews, undertaken by experts in clinical nutrition and health economics, were presented at the International Health Economics Association (iHEA) congress in Milan in July 2015.

Examining the economic impact of oral nutritional supplements in hospital and community settings, the research revealed some truly striking figures.

Compared with standard care, the use of oral nutritional supplements in hospital⁴:

  • saves one in three deaths
  • saves one in three complications (such as infections)
  • allows patients to be discharged from hospital on average two days sooner, leading to 12% cheaper hospital care

The findings also revealed benefits in the community setting⁵. Medical nutrition saves one in six hospitalisations, helping keep people at home, often with a better quality of life, leading to 9% cheaper healthcare.

Saving lives and cutting costs, oral nutritional supplements deliver a value we can't afford to ignore.

To find out more about the research, including methodology and in-depth results, visit

Saving lives, cutting costs

A visual summary of key information from the newly published systematic reviews.


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