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Nutricia partners with the European Society for Medical Oncology on medical education

First medical nutrition company to partner with the educational arm of ESMO

Nutricia is the first medical nutrition company to partner with the educational arm of ESMO, and will provide oncologists using ESMO OncologyPRO with educational tools that increase awareness of the relevance of nutritional status and medical nutrition in cancer care.

Cancer-related malnutrition can affect between 30-85% of all cancer patients¹. Yet surveys carried out by Nutricia at the annual ESMO congress in 2015 showed that oncologists are not aware of the need to assess the nutritional state of cancer patients and to diagnose potential malnutrition. The survey showed that although 47% of oncologists mentioned that they monitor patients' weight at the start of chemotherapy, only 11% do so at the end of treatment².

Improve clinical outcomes and quality of life

"Nutritional status of patients should be top of mind for oncologists as we know that cancer patients are likely to lose a lot of weight during treatment," says Dr. Niki Georgiou, Global Senior Medical Affairs Manager at Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition. "If patients have stable weight during treatment, doctors can more accurately prescribe treatment doses, which in turn can mean that patients can better tolerate the chemotherapy, which can improve clinical outcomes and quality of life.''

For the first time this year, nutritional considerations integrated within treatment management will be a topic discussed in the main program of the ESMO congress in Copenhagen in October 2016, attended by 20,000 participants from around the world.

The partnership with ESMO for OncologyPRO is a key step forward in Nutricia's ambition to be the preferred partner of oncologists for medical nutrition, supporting the integration of medical nutrition as an integral part of cancer treatment.

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² Strasser F, Audisio R, Laviano A, Georgiou N, Fearon K 2015; 18th Congress of the European Cancer Organisation - 40th Congress of the European Society for Medical Oncology, P377, abstract nr 1606