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Introducing The OpTri Bottle 

Our new packaging solution for tube feeding. Designed for better usability, better safety & a better planet. At Nutricia we are committed to rethink tube feeding, as we understand the impact it can have. We constantly seek advice from experts like you, to create solutions to make tube feeding better.

The Patient Journey

Learn more about how stroke has affected the live of a patient in The Netherlands. A multidisciplinary team, including a neurologist, rehabilitation doctor, speech language therapist and nurse work alongside to ensure the best possible recovery after stroke. Learn more about the experience of a Prof dr Rainer Wirth and Chef Neil.

Patient Stories 

Learn more about how nutritional supplementation has affected the lives of one couple in the UK.


Patient stories

Learn more here about one family’s real-life PKU experience.

The role of nutrition in brain health

Find out more about how certain nutrients can help rebuild connections in the brain.

Dietitian stories

A multidisciplinary team, including a neurologist, dietitian, pediatrician, epilepsy nurse and a pharmacist, work alongside families to ensure the best possible management of the ketogenic diet. Learn more about the experience of a US dietitian.

Stories about Nutricia and how we work

Find out more about the support services we offer to healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Meet Chef Neil

Neil Palliser-Bosomworth is an independent consultant chef with 20 years' experience catering for different patient groups and their unique dietary needs.

Our purpose

We are proud of our role in pioneering nutritional discoveries that help people live longer, healthier lives.

Stories of pioneering nutritional discoveries

Learn more about how Nutricia are looking at ways of improving outcomes for cancer patients waiting for, undergoing or recovering from treatment.

Stories about Nutricia and how we work

Nutricia is committed to improving the lives of Metabolic patients and their families. Learn more about the Nutricia ‘Low Protein Weekend’ event in Dublin.

Stories of pioneering nutritional discoveries

With over 50 years’ experience, Nutricia strives to support and understand how to better manage metabolic diseases. Watch this film to find out more about Nutricia’s commitment to the field.

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Patient stories

Patients around the world are taking Souvenaid today. Learn more about one family’s real-life experiences here.

Stories of pioneering nutritional discoveries

Nutricia has been at the forefront of research into dietary management of cow's milk allergy and other multiple food allergies for over 30 years. Learn more here about the pioneering work we carry out at our Utrecht research facilities.

Frailty: a public health issue?

Professor Olivier Guerin, University Professor and hospital practitioner discusses frailty as a healthcare issue, and the importance of maintaining nutritional status.

Souvenaid stories

Healthcare professionals from around the world are using Souvenaid with their patients with early Alzheimer’s disease. Learn more about their experiences here.

Focussing on nutrition in cancer patients

Professor Graeme Poston and Professor Ricardo Audisio, from the European Society of Surgical Oncology, discuss the importance of nutrition in cancer.

New independent evidence on the use of Cubitan

A one to one interview with the author Dr. Cereda of the recently published Oglio Element Sore Trial (OEST) Study in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Stories of Nutricia and what we do

Learn more about Nutricia's commitment to infants with faltering growth.

Stories of Nutricia and what we do

We eat with our eyes. That's why we're working with a team of chefs from across the world to develop new and inspiring recipes to help people with dysphagia, and those caring for them to enjoy mealtimes again.

Butternut squash and sweet potato soup

Watch Chef Neil cook this delicious dish with help from Debbie, a carer to her husband who suffers from dysphagia.

Cooking with Nutilis Clear

Once food texture has to be modified, eating can become a challenge, making it more difficult to meet the body's need during the day. is a website dedicated to patients (or carers of patients) with a confirmed dysphagia diagnosis. It features a wide range of clear, instructional videos of Chef Neil preparing a range of appetising recipes for texture modified meals. Here are two great examples.

Nutricia products are intended for the nutritional management of diseases and related medical conditions and therefore should be used under medical supervision.