Bringing the Expertise of Haute Cuisine to Dysphagia Cooking 

The Chefs’ Council is a unique partnership of experts working together to make food pleasurable for patients who have been diagnosed with swallowing difficulties – also known as dysphagia. The ultimate aim is to improve the food experience of dysphagia patients, with safe, nutritious and tasty food.


Healthcare professionals, chefs and those personally affected by dysphagia from across Europe met at the first Chefs’ Council meeting in Barcelona in 2017 and worked together to develop the Dysphagia Act as well as recipes to inspire and inform chefs and carers involved in preparing dysphagia meals.   

It is the fundamental belief of the Council that patients with dysphagia deserve to enjoy meal times – it supports a better quality  of life. Whether they are in hospital, a care facility or at home; tasty, good food has the power to transform patients’ lives. This conviction is central to the work of the Chefs’ Council and the development of the Dysphagia Act – a collective movement towards providing better food for patients – contributing to encouraging healthier, eating and drinking habits. 

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Stroke & Dysphagia

Up to 78% of stroke patients have a swallowing difficulty (dysphagia) [1]. To support recovery these patients need a texture-modified diet that helps safer swallow, is nutritious and appetizing.


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