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Everyday millions of people rely on Nutricia’s nutritional solutions to live life to its fullest

“Regaining my appetite helped me regain my willingness to live.”
Kryzstof - Poland
Oncology couple walking
“After months of sleepless nights, Lorena was finally sleeping. I called the doctor and he said, ‘yes, that’s normal for a child her age’. We were so happy.”
Maria, Lorena’s mum - Brazil
Oncology couple walking

The power of nutrition throughout life

While the importance of nutrition to keep us healthy is well known, when illness challenges our health, the vital role of medical nutrition is often overlooked or not considered. About medical nutrition


125th anniversary

For 125 years Nutricia has positively impacted the lives of millions of people around the world. 

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Nutricia is present in over 100 countries worldwide. Click on button below to visit a local website. 

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We offer nutritional solutions that positively impact the health from early life and onwards into old age.

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