Enteral Tube Feeding

Cees' story

Cees was diagnosed with Crohn's disease resulting in short bowel syndrome. Unable to eat independently anymore, he was tube fed after having lost strength and weight dramatically. Today, he is tube fed at night and eating normally during the day. Get ready to be moved and motivated by his strength and resilience, as he shares his message of hope:

Thanks to tube feeding I got back to a normal weight and gained energy. My self-confidence grew back enormously! I took up various activities again. Today, nothing stops me from trying new things! Of course, sometimes life is hard but that will not defeat me.

The role of enteral nutrition and medical devices

Nutricia understands the importance of optimal nutritional support and we continue to develop our science and technology - offering innovative feeding solutions designed for the ICU and surgical environments. We support healthcare professionals by offering a comprehensive range of tube feeds, complimented with medical devices, accessories and services to help provide the best care to their patients.

Patients who require ongoing nutritional support via enteral (‘tube’) feeding can now use medical devices at home that are intuitive, accurate and will not hinder movement.


Celebrate Feeding Tube Awareness Week with Nutricia!

Feeding Tube Awareness Week takes place from the 5th to the 9th February. A week aiming to educate and promote the benefits of tube feeding across different patient journeys.

Learn more about enteral tube feeding and the difference it can make in the lives of patients.


Gary's story

“I was diagnosed with a rare, benign parapharyngeal schwannoma, a neural tumor close to my salivary glands. It was only by chance that the doctors discovered the tumor! I was told that for six weeks after the surgery I would need a nasogastric tube feeding. But my body didn’t cope with the tube and I could no longer swallow food or drinks. I felt very weak. My weight dropped from 16 stone to 11.5. Eventually had a permeant low-profile gastronomy tube fitted.

“Now my weight has increased and I’m getting stronger. I’m back at work and keeping active - I even ran the London marathon last year, wearing my pump the whole way around. I am living proof that it is possible to have a relatively normal life whilst tube feeding.”


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Medical devices in critical care and beyond

Enteral (or ‘tube’) feeding pumps, sets and tubes are used to deliver nutrition directly into a patient's stomach. To help patients and their families follow the tube feeding advice given by their healthcare professional, a trustworthy enteral feeding pump is essential, both in the hospital and back at home.

Patients and healthcare practitioners need a device that is intuitive, accurate and that will not hinder movement.

Nutricia's Flocare range of innovative medical devices, accessories and supporting tools have been developed to simplify tube feeding for patients and their families, because Nutricia strongly believes that a feeding routine should fit comfortably into a patient's daily routine.

Flocare Infinity pumps are renowned for their reliability, safety and ease-of-use. The cartridge style giving set makes it easy to set up a feed. The clear step-by-step interface makes programming the feed straightforward. Troubleshooting is made easier by the clear audio and visual alarm messages. In addition, the robust design means that the pumps are washable under running water and usable in any orientation.

Medical nutrition during treatment and on the road to recovery

What is medical nutrition and why should you know about it? While the importance of nutrition to keep us healthy is well known, when illness challenges our health, the vital role of medical nutrition is often not considered or overlooked. Discover how medical nutrition can make a life-changing difference during treatment and on the road to recovery.


Disease Related Malnutrition and a key role for medical nutrition

Why do people fighting an illness, or those living with long-term conditions, need food and drinks that are specifically designed for them? Learn about Disease Related Malnutrition (DRM), who is at risk and how medical nutrition can provide the nutritional requirements to make a positive difference to health outcomes throughout life.


The role of nutrition in recovery from critical illness

Intensive care units (ICU) today are treating older patients with more complications than ever before. However, their chances of survival and recovery have significantly improved in the past decade due to advances in medical science and technology. These advancements in healthcare enable patients to return home more quickly, spending less time in the ICU and the hospital, while at the same time reducing hospital costs1-3.

Our tube feeding products & medical devices

The Nutricia products shown from this point onwards are intended for the nutritional management of diseases and related medical conditions and therefore should be used under medical supervision.

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Enteral feeding and medical devices healthcare professional pages

The healthcare professionals pages provide access to a range of articles and resources related to enteral feeding and medical devices, including clinical guidelines and detailed product information. The pages are for healthcare professionals only.

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