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We have been pioneering nutritional solutions since 1896, when our founders first began their early support of mothers and their infants. Since then, our nutritional solutions have transformed the lives of millions of people around the world. That pioneering spirit lives on today with an ongoing commitment to provide life-transforming nutrition at key moments throughout life.

A long heritage of Life-Transforming Nutrition

Since 1896, we have changed lives for the better through leading-edge nutritional science and expertise. Find out more about our 125 years of expertise in life-transforming nutrition.

Nutricia Education

Continued learning enables us all to deliver the best possible care to those who need it most. Here we bring science-led educational resources as well as news from leading medical congresses, helping to stay up-to-date with the latest advances in medical nutrition. 

Congresses & Events

 Explore this page for the latest presentations, webinars, data and news from leading medical congresses and educational events. Find out more about future events as well as view recorded sessions of past meetings.

Medical nutrition during treatment and on the road to recovery

What is medical nutrition and why should you know about it? While the importance of nutrition to keep us healthy is well known, when illness challenges our health, the vital role of medical nutrition is often not considered or overlooked. Discover how medical nutrition can make a life-changing difference during treatment and on the road to recovery.

Disease Related Malnutrition and a key role for medical nutrition

Why do people fighting an illness, or those living with long-term conditions, need food and drinks that are specifically designed for them? Learn about Disease Related Malnutrition (DRM), who is at risk and how medical nutrition can provide the nutritional requirements to make a positive difference to health outcomes throughout life.

Find out more about our products

We offer innovative nutritional solutions that positively impact the health of people with specific nutritional needs at key moments in life, from the first 1000 days and onwards to into old age.

Part of Danone

Danone is a global leader with a unique health-focused portfolio in food and beverages. At Danone, we believe that food is more than just the sum of its nutritional qualities. This underpins our long-held mission to bring health through food to as many people as possible. The Nutricia brand delivers an important part of Danone’s unique, health-focused portfolio.

Looking for a career?

Nutricia is a brand within the Specialized Nutrition division of Danone. As a brand, we’re always looking for people with the passion and dedication to help more people discover the potential of life-transforming nutrition at key moments throughout life. If you’d like to become part of this exciting movement, click through to the career page of Danone to take a look through available opportunities, or to register your interest.

Where to find us

 Nutricia is present in over 100 countries worldwide. To connect with local Nutricia teams, click on 'Find out more' to get an overview of relevant Nutricia country websites. 

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