The Coronavirus pandemic has touched each and every one of us. For many people, it has focussed attention on how we can best protect the ones we love. For those who have experienced it first-hand – whether as a patient, family member or healthcare professional – normal life may not re-start for some time yet. Here we have gathered information that we feel could be useful to you during this time, whatever your situation.

Young family for pediatrics covid info page

How to protect yourself and your baby or toddler

Nutricia shares the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendations on how to protect you and your baby.

Young and old hands for adult covid info page

How to protect yourself and the vulnerable around you

If you are a carer and in contact with older people or patients, it is even more important to responsibly safeguard your health and follow WHO recommendations.

Doctor and clipboard with male patient during consultation

COVID-19 related topics for healthcare professionals

Watch our free COVID-19 related webinar series and find answers to FAQs on product accessibility & supply, safety & instructions on product use and health through nutrition & lifestyle. This section is for healthcare professionals only.

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Leaving ICU - just the beginning of recovery for COVID-19 patients

An extended stay in ICU, like those required by some coronavirus patients, brings with it complications that can have a long-term effect on a patient’s health and ability to recover. Read more about this topic – as well as what can be done to help ensure a stronger recovery.