Evidence-based discovery is at the heart of everything we do

Science-based since 1896, Nutricia is deeply embedded in the academic community and committed to exploring new horizons in nutrition to support health for today and for the future. 

Working with an extensive external network, including hospitals, universities and scientific advisory boards, Nutricia leverages the latest nutritional insights to develop evidence-based nutritional solutions, tailored to patients’ needs throughout life.

Nutricia’s Research centre

Nutricia’s Research & Innovations centre is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands and is Nutricia’s global hub for nutritional science and technology. The site brings together 700 passionate employees with expertise in life & food science, technology and user experience, to develop nutritional solutions that better serve people’s health needs. Watch the introduction video at nutriciaresearch.com.

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Want to discover more? The interactive video offers a unique view inside Nutricia’s Research & Innovation centre and showcases its laboratories, pilot plant and user experience facilities. This is where Nutricia develops nutritional solutions for those with special nutritional needs. Get the full personal tour experience at nutriciaresearch.com.

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A long heritage of Life-Transforming nutrition

In 1896 an entrepreneurial approach to the latest nutritional science led to the establishment of Nutricia, changing the lives of millions of people around the world.

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Learn more about Nutricia’s innovation capabilities and research for health, including our extensive publication library at Nutricia's Research website.