Nutricia joins nutrition experts at ESPEN in challenging the status quo to enhance patient recovery

At the 44th congress of the European Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ESPEN) Nutricia joins nutrition experts and healthcare professionals from around the world gathered to discuss the latest innovations and scientific developments to improve nutritional care.

After 2 years of virtual events, this edition in Vienna brings together professionals involved in the field of medical nutrition and metabolism in person again. Since its early days 125 years ago Nutricia has partnered with the healthcare community on breakthrough scientific discoveries and advancing the field of nutrition and to improve clinical practice and patient care.

This year at ESPEN Nutricia brought together Professor Luc van Loon, Professor Carla Prado, Professor Mario Siebler and Dr Emanuele Cereda for an expert discussion moderated by Niamh Rice about the importance of muscle as the target for effective nutritional intervention for oncology and stroke patients as well as frail older people.

At various Nutricia meet-the-expert sessions and masterclasses world-leading experts shareinsights about enteral nutrition interventions, protein quality in medical nutrition, protein intake and needs of patients in Intensive Care Units and frail older patients as well as the nutritional needs of cancer patients.

In addition to this, studies generated from four real world evidence programmes and no less than 16 abstracts will be showcased on the NutriEvidence terminal on the Nutricia Booth, together with non-branded educational content on Danone Nutricia Campus.


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As partner to healthcare professionals with decades of experience anchored in science, Nutricia helps drive life-changing and life-saving health outcomes by filling the nutritional gaps of patients during treatment and at every step on their road to recovery.

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