Nutricia announces first-of-its-kind global virtual conference for healthcare professionals

On May 21-22 Nutricia will host a virtual conference for healthcare professionals on impacting health in the new norm with specialized nutrition. During the event world-leading experts will explore how specialized nutrition can impact health outcomes for the better today and in a post-pandemic world.

The event, that will run over the course of 24 hours, will feature more than 60 international experts from more than 20 countries around the world. During the sessions these leading medical professionals and academics will examine how the right specialized nutrition at the right time can positively impact health outcomes at different stages of life.

COVID-19 and impacting health in the new norm

During the conference there will be several sessions dedicated to the impact of COVID-19 on care and what learnings should be drawn from the last year about patient recovery after discharge from intensive care, breastfeeding, child growth and development.

Since the start of the pandemic, Nutricia has been committed to supporting the healthcare community as it faced the acute situation COVID-19 created. Nutricia support initiatives include the research funding program NutriCOVer and education programs by and for healthcare professionals.

24 hours of the latest science

The first edition of the Nutricia Global Virtual Conference is repeated in three time zones running over the course of 24-hours, so healthcare professionals can join sessions from anywhere in the world to learn about the latest research in nutritional care for oncology patients, nutrition in aging as well as breastfeeding, gut health and immunity. Up to 20 Continuing Professional Development Points (CPDs) can be earned by joining the event.

Agenda highlights

  • Prof. Susan Prescott (AU) - Keynote lecture – Promoting symbiosis and mutualism on all scales: From personal to planetary ecology
  • Dr. Katrien van Laere (BE), Prof. Olle Ljungqvist (NL) - Roundtable – Nutrition education in the last 125 years
  • Prof. Paul Wischmeyer (US), Prof. Arthur van Zanten (NL), Dr. Anne Holdoway (UK) Nutritional therapy along the patient journey: lessons learnt from COVID-19
  • Prof. Hans van Goudoever (NL), Dr Sarah Jarvis (UK) – Myths and facts related to breastfeeding and COVID-19
  • Prof. Peter Sullivan (UK), Dr. Luise Marina (UK) & Dr. Rosan Meyer (UK) – New clinical implementation strategies to support children’s growth in the new norm
  • Prof. Miia Kivipelto (FI/SE), Prof. Lisette de Groot (NL), Prof. Jürgen Bauer (DE), Prof. Wiesje van der Flier – Aging and nutrition: spotlight on sarcopenia and cognitive decline.

Check out the full agenda of Nutricia’s first global virtual conference for the three time zones


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