Fortimel Advanced Powder 1kcal

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Product Description

Fortimel Advanced Powder 1kcal* is a Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP) for the dietary management of diseases associated with protein malnutrition with a loss of muscle mass. Fortimel Advanced Powder 1kcal has demonstrated efficacy in improving muscle mass, strength5,7-9 and physical performance10 in various clinical settings, either alone or in combination with exercise5-10. It is a high-protein (150kcal, 1kcal/ml) Oral Nutritional Supplement, that is intended as a supplement only.

Fortimel Advanced Powder 1kcal contains ActiSynTM: A unique combination of nutrients that stimulates muscle protein synthesis and improves muscle mass1-4 ActiSyn™ in Fortimel Advanced Powder 1kcal contains 100% whey protein (21g), leucine (3g) and vitamin D (20µg) per serving.

Low Glycemic index (≤55) determined using WHO/FAO 1998.

Format: 40g sachet (1 serving), 280g tin (7 servings).

Available in the following flavours: Vanilla, Strawberry.

*This product is currently known as Fortifit. The name of this product will change to Fortimel Advanced Powder 1kcal and may differ across countries. For more information please visit your local Nutricia website.

ActiSyn MOA Infographic

VIDEO: Mode-of-Action of ActiSyn nutrients

Watch how muscle-targeted specific nutrients whey protein, leucine and vitamin D (ActiSyn™) can stimulate muscle protein synthesis


INFOGRAPHIC: Mode-of-Action of ActiSyn nutrients

Download an infographic on the anabolic Mode-of-Action of the muscle-targeted nutrients whey protein, leucine and vitamin D (ActiSyn™)

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Frailty & Disease Related Malnutrition

There are now more people over 65 than under 5 years old. Particularly during times of illness, nutrition place an important role.