Fortimel Advanced

DRM & Frailty Muscle

Product description

Fortimel Advanced is a Food for Special Medical Purposes for the dietary management of patients with disease-related malnutrition and muscle loss. It is a high protein and high energy (300kcal) ONS which is suitable as a sole source of nutrition.

Fortimel Advanced contains ActiSyn™: A unique combination of nutrients that stimulates muscle protein synthesis and improves muscle mass.1-4 ActiSyn™ in Fortimel Advanced contains 100% whey protein (21g), leucine (3g) and vitamin D (10µg) per serving.

Low Glycemic index (≤55) determined using ISO standard 26642:2010.

Format: 200ml

3 flavours available: Tropical Vanilla, Strawberry, Mango-Peach

ActiSyn MOA Infographic

VIDEO: Mode-of-Action of ActiSyn nutrients

Watch how muscle-targeted specific nutrients whey protein, leucine and vitamin D (ActiSyn™) can stimulate muscle protein synthesis


INFOGRAPHIC: Mode-of-Action of ActiSyn nutrients

Download an infographic on the anabolic Mode-of-Action of the muscle-targeted nutrients whey protein, leucine and vitamin D (ActiSyn™)

Product information

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Frailty & Disease Related Malnutrition

There are now more people over 65 than under 5 years old. Particularly during times of illness, nutrition place an important role.