Nutricia’s Feeding Pump Recovery initiative

Leading the way in the collection and donation of vital equipment during the COVID-19 crisis

During the peak of the COVID-19 crisis there were over 25,000 critically ill patients in hospitals across Europe.1 This surge in patient numbers put huge pressure on hospitals to meet the increased demand not only for intensive care beds, but also for the medical devices and equipment required to manage these patients during their stay. 

One of the key devices in short supply were tube feeding pumps essential to administer tube feeds to critically ill patients. These mechanical devices safely and accurately deliver the right amount of nutrition to patients who cannot feed orally. Patients include those with severe COVID-19 infection, who are being mechanically ventilated.

The sharp rise in the number of critically ill patients presented healthcare organizations with the unprecedented challenge of having to rapidly increase their ICU capacity. This meant not only finding more space and more beds, but also more of the medical devices and equipment necessary to sustain life.
Pump recovery: a call to arms 

In March 2020, Nutricia teams learned that healthcare organizations across Europe were reporting the worrying shortage of tube feeding pumps. Sourcing new ones in a short period of time to meet the immediate, rising demand was proving difficult for many healthcare organizations.

The Nutricia teams immediately put their heads together to see what could be done to alleviate the shortfall. We understood that every pump found, could potentially help make a difference to a COVID-19 patient. And so, the Nutricia Pump Recovery initiative was born.

The primary goal of the campaign was to locate as many Flocare Infinity feeding pumps as possible that were no longer in use. Then collect, disinfect, service and donate to the hospitals that needed them most during this critical period. 


Tube feeding pumps are used in all care settings, hospitals, nursing homes and in the community for tube feeding patients at home.  We wanted to re-claim as many pumps as possible that were no longer in use, to support as many patients as possible in need for a pump.”

Bram Zuijderduin Director, R&D Medical Technology

The first message requesting the return of feeding pumps that were not in use, was sent out via a social media campaign – using Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook – targeting individuals who could potentially have an existing pump that was no longer needed. 

Engagement and message-sharing rates were greater than the teams could have hoped, with responses coming through almost immediately. The social media campaign together with close liaison by Nutricia customer care teams with Homecare companies, hospitals, patients/carers and nursing homes meant that the reach was far and the success great.

Just a few out of many positive responses

Myself and my son want to do anything we can to help others in need. I have a pump here I am no longer using, I would like to give it back to be used by someone else.”

Patient and family

We hugely appreciated the support and service throughout the years from Nutricia. It was of great assistance in caring for our mother at home. We thank you all again.”

Family, kindly donating their unused pump

I have a pump here I am no longer using, I would like to give it back to be used by someone else.”

The results

Pumps were sent back to Nutricia from all over Europe, but also from Australia. At the end of the campaign Nutricia was able to recover over 3,000 pumps, representing over 10% of all critical COVID-19 patients during the peak of the crisis.

This was the result of a huge collaborative effort between our valued customers and the Nutricia brand to work together and make a difference.

Nutricia: always going further

In addition to our Pump Recovery initiative, there have been multiple local aid initiatives around the world. Donations include personal protective equipment (masks, sanitizers) as well as medical nutrition products to healthcare organizations in need of support, in different countries. Healthcare professionals prescribed medical nutrition to COVID-19 patients needing extra nutritional support immediately upon discharge. These products, for the management of disease related malnutrition, can support the recovery of this patient group when integrated as part of their overall rehabilitation care program.

  1. Worldometer (2020). COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic.; accessed 3 April 2020.



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