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About enteral nutrition 

The role of enteral nutrition and medical devices

Nutricia understands the importance of optimal nutritional support and we continue to develop our science and technology - offering innovative feeding solutions designed for the ICU and surgical environments. We support healthcare professionals by offering a comprehensive range of tube feeds, complimented with medical devices, accessories and services to help provide the best care to their patients.


Enteral tube feeding & medical devices portfolio

There are health challenges patients recovering from critical illness may experience, which can be managed or improved with enteral nutrition (for use under healthcare professional supervision only). Nutricia's Flocare range of innovative medical devices, accessories and supporting tools have been developed to simplify enteral feeding because Nutricia strongly believe that your feeding regimen should fit comfortably into your daily routine.




Tube feeding products & medical devices

The Nutricia products should be used under medical supervision.

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Flocare Infinity III

Flocare Infinity III is a portable enteral nutrition feeding pump that safely and accurately delivers a nutritional regimen.


Clinical guidelines


ESPEN practical guideline: Home enteral nutrition

The ESPEN practical guideline informs healthcare professionals and interested patients about indications and contraindications for HEN (Home Enteral Nutrition), as well as its implementation and monitoring.




Nutricia’s presence at ESPEN 2022

If you missed the Nutricia Satellite Symposium at ESPEN, don’t miss the opportunity to watch top experts outline the value of muscle as the effective target organ for nutritional intervention in cancer, stroke and frailty. In addition, no less than 8 expert educational sessions were held covering diverse topics on nutritional care in the areas of intensive care medicine, oncology, protein quality and enteral feeding. Get access to the recordings now.

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ESPEN 2021 experts' insights 

During the virtual 2021 ESPEN congress on Clinical Nutrition & Metabolism, Nutricia hold live experts sessions on the booth. Six international experts and dieticians shared key insights on the optimal nutritional care along the patient journey from the Intensive Care Unit to the community.

Watch the recorded experts’ sessions of by clicking on button below.

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Continued learning enables us all to deliver the best possible care to those who need it most. Here we bring science-led educational resources as well as news from leading medical congresses, helping to stay up-to-date with the latest advances in medical nutrition.

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Patient story

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Gary’s story

“I was diagnosed with a rare, benign parapharyngeal schwannoma, a neural tumor close to my salivary glands. It was only by chance that the doctors discovered the tumor! I was told that for six weeks after the surgery I would need a nasogastric tube feeding. But my body didn’t cope with the tube and I could no longer swallow food or drinks. I felt very weak. My weight dropped from 16 stone to 11.5. Eventually had a permeant low-profile gastronomy tube fitted.

Now my weight has increased and I’m getting stronger. I’m back at work and keeping active - I even ran the London marathon last year, wearing my pump the whole way around. I am living proof that it is possible to have a relatively normal life whilst tube feeding.”

Feature articles



#Time4Education is a self-paced learning video series to discover enteral tube feeding solutions. The series are based on 2 tutorial videos, one on medical devices and one the importance of intact protein feeds, followed by testimonials from different experts.

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Medical devices

Whether for a short period in ICU or longer term from home, some people need their nutrition delivered via a tube. The pumps enabling this delivery need to be both safe and accurate. Read more on Danone Nutricia Research website.

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Critical Care recovery healthcare professional pages

The healthcare professionals pages provide access to a range of articles and resources related to Critical Care recovery, including clinical guidelines and detailed product information. The pages are for healthcare professionals only.

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Feeding Tube Awareness Week: Supporting patients in critical care and beyond via nutritional interventions