Nutricia supports European Cancer Nursing Day 2024

At Nutricia we proudly celebrate European Cancer Nursing Day 2024 and honour the invaluable contributions of oncology nurses in shaping the future of cancer care. Oncology nurses play a key role in the nutritional management of patients with cancer, and we recognize their dedication, expertise, and compassion as they support patients from diagnosis to recovery.

Nutritional care is important at every step of the patient journey

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Cancer treatment is a long and complex journey. Cancer and its treatments act a trigger of catabolism, resulting in weight and muscle loss, affecting 30-70% of patients with cancer1.

This loss negatively impacts clinical outcomes, including post-surgery recovery, treatment tolerance, and quality of life2.

At each step of the patient journey, adequate nutritional status will support better treatment outcomes and quality of life3. Early detection and treatment of malnutrition are essential to optimize cancer care4-5.

Nurses play a key role in nutritional management of patients with cancer

Throughout the oncology patient journey, nurses are essential in delivering patient-centred nutritional care.

During cancer treatment, patients may face challenges like loss of appetite, nausea, taste and smell alterations, and GI discomfort, affecting their eating habits6. Nurses provide nutrition education, personalized advice, and empower patients to manage nutrition-related challenges effectively. Cancer nurses play a key role in early identification of nutritional risks, facilitating prompt referrals to dietitians for interventions, and supporting optimal nutritional management, including the use of medical nutrition when necessary5.

Guidelines recommend early assessment of nutritional risk in patients with cancer

Nurses can implement nutritional risk screening tools that can be used at each patient visit to help identify malnutrition risk at its earliest and most treatable stage.


ESPEN and ESMO guidelines recommend routine screening from diagnosis onwards to detect nutritional imbalances in patients with cancer4-5.

Nutritional screening utilizes validated tools like the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool, NRS-2022, and others. These tools often assess body weight, BMI, weight changes, nutritional intake, muscle mass, and inflammatory markers4.

Malnutrition risk assessment at a glance8:

Malnutrition risk assessment

Join us in honouring and supporting cancer nurses on this European Cancer Nursing Day

Take a look at the EONS/Cancer nursing day website to learn more and discover how to take action.

Discover our tailored portfolio addressing the evolving nutritional needs of patients with cancer

Fortimel products are food for special medical purposes and must be used under medical supervision.


Fortimel Forticare Sensations is a food for special medical purposes for the dietary management of patients with or at risk of disease related malnutrition due to cancer, chronic catabolic disease or cachexia.
Fortimel Compact Protein Sensations is a food for special medical purposes for the dietary management of disease related malnutrition. Must be used under medical supervision. Our SENSATIONS range is made of specially designed flavours for patients with taste alterations. They provide a cool or warm taste sensation in the mouth.


Together, we can enhance the well-being of those on the cancer journey.

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