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The Danone Nutricia Campus is a central online hub where you can access the latest information relating to nutritional advances across a range of health areas, including pediatric disease related malnutrition. Danone Nutricia Campus contains a wide variety of content including infographics, podcasts, articles and a wide range of webinars covering topics such as "Growth monitoring with remote consultations", "Validated screening tool for children with Cerebral Palsy" and "Feeding Intolerance."

Feeding and Nutrition Screening Tool (FNST) first scientifically validated online screening tool for children with cerebral palsy

The FNST enables early detection of nutritional issues in children with Cerebral Palsy

The Feeding & Nutrition Screening Tool (FNST) was developed to assist those caring for children with Cerebral Palsy who may be at risk of becoming malnourished. Early detection of potential nutritional issues can enable healthcare professionals to implement proactive feeding strategies that can optimize nutritional status, which can in turn improve patient outcomes.


The challenge of growth monitoring with remote consultations

The effective management of sub-optimal growth in pediatric care relies on regular growth monitoring. The increase in remote consultations following the pandemic has brought new challenges to clinicians in this field. This webinar provides insights as well as valuable tools to support online consultations.


Feeding Intolerance: The Gut Is Not Always The Problem

Feeding intolerance can seriously impact an infant or child’s nutritional support. This series of 15-20-minute webinars covers a range of topics around feeling intolerances in infants and young children, including definitions, prevalence and associated symptoms, causes and consequences, nutritional management, as well as an Expert Panel discussion.

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