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As partner to healthcare professionals with decades of experience anchored in science, Nutricia helps drive life-changing and life-saving health outcomes by filling the nutritional gaps of patients during treatment and at every step on their road to recovery.

Nutricia Satellite Symposium

Nutricia’s Satellite Symposium took place on Sunday 4th September titled ‘Time to Step Up: Challenging the Status Quo to Enhance Patient Recovery’. The symposium looked at the central role of muscle in supporting optimized patient outcomes and recovery and how medical nutrition can support patients with cancer, stroke or frailty to minimize muscle loss with timely, assertive and high protein nutrition support.

If you missed us, don’t worry, watch the full recording here.

The Post ICU Summit was held at ESPEN in 2022:

Monday 5th September
15:00 - 17:00 CEST

Post-ICU Summit

Post-ICU nutritional care: Optimal, sub-optimal or downright neglected?

Dr. Lee-anne Chapple, Prof. Elisabeth de Waele, Prof. Arthur van Zanten, Prof. Pierre Singer

Did you miss Nutricia Post-ICU Summit? Watch the various videos below to learn more:

The summit included a series of 4 presentations outlining the current findings of post ICU nutritional care from across the world.

It is clear that while ICU nutrition support has gained attention in previous years, the research is now pointing to the relevance of optimizing nutrition during post ICU care, the time when patients are better able to assimilate nutrition support for recovery.

It also highlights some of the real issues patients face when discharged from ICU which has enormous impacts on their ability to safely eat and drink sufficiently.  Post Extubation Dysphagia being one example of this.

In short studies across the world in different ICU populations seem to conclude similar findings:  NG tubes are constantly prematurely removed without any assessment on a patients ability to eat adequately both in ICU and at ward level.

Post ICU patients rarely manage more than 50% of the nutritional requirements on oral diet alone and those with full or supplementary enteral nutrition are much more likely to meet their full needs.

What do we know today about post ICU Nutritional care?

Dr. Lee-anne Chapple, Australia

What we learned from emerging data and implications for Post-ICU care. How can we improve this?

Prof. Elisabeth de Waale, Belgium

What can we do to check if nutritional needs are being met in our own hospitals/units?

Prof. Arthur van Zanten, Netherlands

What we need to know about post ICU nutritional needs: Defining a research agenda

Prof. Pierre Singer, Israel

Post-ICU Summit Discussion

Dr. Lee-anne Chapple, Prof. Elisabeth de Waale, Prof. Arthur van Zanten & Prof. Pierre Singer
Dr. Lee-anne Chapple

Dr. Lee-anne Chapple, Critical Care Dietitian, Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia

Prof. Elisabeth De Waele

Prof. Elisabeth De Waele, Intensivist, Belgium

Prof. Arthur van Zanten

Prof. Arthur van Zanten, Department of Intensive Care, Gelderse Vallei Hospital, The Netherlands

Prof. Pierre Singer

Prof. Pierre Singer, MD, Professor of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Recovery focused nutritional therapy across the continuum of care

A group of experts published a review paper emphasizing how healthcare professionals could take the learnings of the Covid-19 pandemic and apply more broadly by using an assertive, multi-modal nutrition support approach. Get access to the publication as well as a feeding decision tree to support patients. 

Danone Nutricia Campus

Danone Nutricia Campus is an open science education platform for healthcare professionals. The platform grants access to the latest science in nutrition and health and connects healthcare providers from around the world generating discussion to advance the field of nutrition.

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