World Sarcopenia Day July 4th 2023

World Sarcopenia Day (July 4th 2023) serves as an opportunity to raise awareness and knowledge for the prevalent disease, sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is a muscle disease that can drastically impede upon individuals physical function, independence, and overall quality of life. It is therefore vital that attention is given to appropriately diagnosing and managing this disease in order to maintain and promote overall well-being. Join us in celebration of this important day! On this page you will find materials that describe the disease in more detail, the appropriate management and treatment approaches, as well as the evidence to date on the muscle-targeted oral nutritional supplement containing ActiSyn™ (100% whey protein, leucine and vitamin D) and its key role in sarcopenia management.

Importance of World Sarcopenia Day 2023

Watch Prof. Andrea Maier explain the critical role of muscle in overall health, and describe the significance of World Sarcopenia Day 2023.

Sarcopenia: How to recognize, diagnose and manage in clinical practice

Use this pocket card developed by Prof. Andrea Maier to understand the critical, yet simple steps to recognize and diagnose sarcopenia in clinical practice, as well as the role of protein supplementation and resistance exercise in management of the disease.

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Sarcopenia: What, Who, Why, Impact and Treatment

Infographic outlining the established definition of sarcopenia, its prevalence along the patient journey, its underling lying cause and driving factors as well as the appropriate treatment methods for sarcopenia.

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The role of muscle-targeted ONS in rehabilitation in sarcopenic patients

The IRIS (Improving Rehabilitation in Sarcopenia) study highlights the importance of intervention with muscle-targeted ONS containing ActiSyn (100% whey protein, leucine and vitamin D) combined with exercise in sarcopenic patients in improving functional outcomes, increasing independence and reducing rehabilitation stay.

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Clinical Value of Muscle-Targeted ONS with ActiSyn

The muscle-targeted oral nutritional supplement containing ActiSyn™ (100% whey protein, leucine and vitamin D) has 10 years of evidence behind it, demonstrating its efficacy across key clinical outcomes across varying patient populations and settings. View the complete evidence booklet to learn about the robust evidence to date.

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Latest evidence

Click here to read the latest narrative review by Dr. Emanuele Cereda wherein he describes the latest evidence to date describing why muscle-targeted ONS with ActiSyn should be considered as first-line nutritional support for sarcopenia.

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Recovery focused nutrional therapy across the continuum of care

A group of experts published a review paper emphasizing how healthcare professionals could take the learnings of the Covid-19 pandemic and apply more broadly by using an assertive, multi-modal nutrition support approach. Get access to the publication as well as a feeding decision tree to support patients.

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