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Congresses and Educational Events


ESPEN 2023

The 45th ESPEN congress on Clinical Nutrition & Metabolism takes place 11 – 14 September 2023 in Lyon, France. An attractive program with new advances in the fields of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism and plenty of expert sessions around “Live healthY with Optimal Nutrition”.

Catch up on past events

Global Virtual Conference 2023

Nutricia’s 2nd Global Virtual Conference was a big success, and we thank our fantastic speakers! Missed out? All lectures and other valuable content are now available on demand for a limited time!
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Nutrition & Growth 2023

The 10th international conference on Nutrition & Growth takes place 30 March to 1 April 2023 in London. Nutrition & Growth 2023 will be the ultimate meeting place to discuss the interplay between nutrition and growth in the pediatric age group.

Replay Nutricia EONS15 symposium on patient-centered care in nutrition

Replay Nutricia EONS15 symposium “Person-centred interprofessional practice in nutrition – from dream to reality.” Nurses play a crucial role in patient centered care in oncology, including prevention, recognition and management of nutritional challenges. Learn more about nutritional care in oncology at the EONS15 congress.

Discover rich educational content from Nutricia’s presence at ESPEN 2022

Replay Nutricia's Satellite Symposium at ESPEN. Watch experts outline the value of muscle as the effective target organ for nutritional intervention in cancer, stroke and frailty. In addition, no less than 8 expert educational sessions were held covering diverse topics on nutritional care in the areas of intensive care medicine, oncology, protein quality and enteral feeding. Get access to the recordings now.

Replay the Nutricia Satellite Symposium at ESPGHAN 2022

Learn more about Nutricia’s presence at ESPGHAN 2022. Download the congress report, a comprehensive booklet with the abstracts of the speaker presentations.

To find out more, watch the recording of the Nutricia Satellite Symposium at the 54th Annual Meeting of ESPGHAN.

Nutricia Paediatric Allergy Sessions

Watch here the recordings of the plenary sessions of the Nutricia Paediatric Allergy Sessions 2022. A virtual meeting focused on paediatric food allergies, featuring a global panel of renowned experts. Educational sessions on new clinical insights and evidence behind the prevalence, guidelines and management of paediatric allergy.

Join part of ISICEM 2022


Studies consistently show that on average, over the last decade, most ICU patients only receive between 0.6-0.8g/kg protein per day in ICU1-3. The ESPEN guideline recommendation is 1.3g/kg/day4 based on existing research. To find out about new cutting edge clinical trials exploring both clinical and functional benefits of recommended protein provision in ICU, watch the recording of the Nutricia Satellite Symposium at the 41st ISICEM.

ESPEN 2021 experts' insights

 During the virtual 2021 ESPEN congress on Clinical Nutrition & Metabolism, Nutricia hold live experts sessions on the booth. Six international experts and dieticians shared key insights on the optimal nutritional care along the patient journey from the Intensive Care Unit to the community.  Watch the recorded experts’ sessions of by clicking on button below.

Nutricia Virtual Global Conference 2021

The Nutricia Virtual Global Conference "Impacting health in the new norm with specialized nutrition" was held 21st and 22nd May. The event showcased the latest scientific and medical research from over 70 world-leading experts demonstrating the role of specialized nutrition in impacting health in various stages of life via virtual plenary sessions, meet the expert chats and roundtables. Get access to the full report, including links to replay the event.

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