Nutricia Paediatric Allergy Sessions 2022

Watch here the recordings of the plenary sessions of the Nutricia Paediatric Allergy Sessions 2022: a virtual meeting focused on paediatric food allergies, featuring a global panel of renowned experts. The event covered educational sessions on new clinical insights and evidence behind the prevalence, guidelines and management of paediatric allergy. A summary booklet of the educational sessions and recordings of the plenary sessions are made available below.


Paediatric Allergy Sessions 2022 Summary Booklet

A conference summary booklet is made available and provides an overview of each session from the Paediatric Allergy Sessions, including plenary lectures, Q&A sessions and workshops’ summaries.



Watch below the recordings of the plenary sessions of the Nutricia Paediatric Allergy Sessions 2022.

Incidence and prevalence of paediatric food allergy

Where are we in 2022? What does the latest data tell us about the incidence and prevalence of paediatric food allergy?
- Dr Edwin Kim, US
An update on the latest information and data on the prevalence and incidence of food allergy around the world, highlighting global differences in the prevalence trends and factors that are having impact on these trends, such as early allergen introduction and COVID.

Latest WAO and GA2LENallergy guidelines

An update on the latest allergy management guidelines from WAO and GA2LEN.
- Professor Alessandro Fiocchi, Italy
An update on the latest updated cow’s milk allergy management guidelines, highlighting key changes for clinical practice.

Impact of COVID pandemic

Living with COVID: what has been the impact of the COVID pandemic on paediatric food allergy.
- Professor Gary Wong, HK
An update on the latest information and data on the impact of the COVID pandemic on the lives of children with food allergy and their families, discussing short term effect and long term outcomes.

CMA, Immunity and Infections

CMA, Immunity and Infections – what does the latest information tell us.
- Dr Rosan Meyer, UK
An update on the latest evidence on the impact CMA has on the health of infants and young children with regard to immune outcomes and infections, sharing recent data on the benefits of gut microbiota modulating ingredients in non-breastfed infants with cow’s milk allergy.

The patient/parent perspective

Patient/parent perspective, living with food allergy. In discussion: Dietitian and 2 Parents.
- Dr Vicki McWilliam, Australia
Two short case presentations and interview with two mothers of babies with food allergies sharing examples and insights of a real life experiences of what is like to live with CMA, covering the full patient journey, discussing pre-diagnosis, diagnosis and nutritional management.

The wider burden of Cow's Milk Allergy

Understanding the wider burden of Cow’s Milk Allergy.
- Dr Kate Grimshaw, UK
A presentation sharing the latest real world evidence on the impact that cow’s milk allergy has on infants and children overall health.

Modulating gut microbiota

Can we improve the management of Cow’s Milk Allergy through modulating the gut microbiota?
- Dr Rebecca Stratton, UK
A presentation providing a review of some of the latest publications and evidence on the possible benefits of synbiotics beyond symptom resolution of cow’s milk allergy.

Eosinophilic Oesophagitis and Complex Allergy

Eosinophilic Oesophagitis and Complex Allergy: Current Trends and Best Practice.
- Professor Mirna Chehade, US
A review on Eosinophilic Oesophagitis, on prevalence, diagnosis and nutritional management, sharing clinical best practice advice.

Using digital technology

The future of allergy management using digital technology: can AI help us in the management and diagnosis in food allergy?
- Professor Yvan Vandenplas, Belgium & Mrs Agathe Foussat, Singapore
An interactive discussion on the opportunities to use digital technology for the management of food allergy, exploring what is currently available and how the future might look like.

Gut microbiota illustration

Show gut dysbiosis what you’re made of

It is becoming increasingly clear that the gut plays a central role in our overall health; specifically, the complex system of micro-organisms that live within the gut, collectively known as the gut microbiota[1]. When the delicate balance of gut microbiota is disturbed during early life, it may increase the risk of health problems like allergy, obesity, heart and vascular disease, diabetes and hypertension[2,3]. SYNEO formulations are the only hypoallergenic formulas that have been proven to rebalance the gut microbiota, with the help of specialized pre- and probiotics for infants

Allergy mother child laughing 3840px

How are cow's milk allergy and immunity linked?

What can be done to support the immune system. Many cows’ milk allergy (CMA) patients have an altered gut microbiota – called gut microbiota dysbiosis[4-8]. What if you could go beyond symptom resolution and do more to support immune system development?